March 22, 2014

Now that the glue passed the test, I glued on the stabilizer tips and was able to take the stabilizer out of the jig.

I wanted to check the straightness tip to tip so I stuck the laser on the ceiling and aimed it at the stabilizer on the ground. It seems to be right on with the laser tracking the centerline between both ends. It also looked really cool in the dark. I enhanced the picture a little to show more of the laser.

With the table a little more clear, I wanted to fix an issue with my elevator. One side wasn't straight at the trailing edge because the trailing edge strip broke off the inboard rib when I glued the last skin down. I took off the skin between the first and second rib so I could fix it. I used a small router with an edge trimming bit and then used a straight bit to trim back down at the rib and trailing edge strip. I still have to make the scarf at the second rib and elevator spar and fix up the rib and trailing edge strip to get it ready for the new skin.

I carved a little space between the top of the first rib and the trailing edge strip and made a little wedge to glue in there. While gluing it, I clamped a straight edge down the length of the wing to make sure it glued on straight while reattaching the rib to the trailing edge.

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