March 7, 2014

I worked on the stabilizer tip a little, as well as the trim tab tube. I made sure I liked the fit and wedge of the stabilizer tips to the spar on both ends. I think these are ready to glue on now.

I had worked on the trim tab tube before but I never got it quite right. The tube I got from Sequoia was already flared on one end so I just had to bend it then thread it through the stabilizer spar. I used a tube bender I got from the hardware store to make the initial bends. I found it very difficult to slip the bent tube up through the stabilizer and had to bend it a little more in place (carefully!). The tube ended up with too much bend at the top and I couldn't unbend it or get it back out to bend it off the stabilizer.

I finally got back to this and just decided to use the dremel to cut the tube down near the stabilizer spar and feed it out up through the top. I used the tube bender again to fix the bend at the top. I found that it was much easier to feed the tube down in from the top and was able to do it that way because I had cut off the flare at the bottom. This only works if I can re-flare the tube while it's mostly in place. I used a tube cutter to make a good flat cut at the bottom of the tube and then trimmed the top of the tube to match where the station 0 rib will go. Here's the trimmed tube lined up to where that rib will go.

To check that I could flare the tube in place, I pushed it down a ways so it extended aft of the stabilizer spar.

Then I put the flaring tool on to make sure it would fit.

Here's the tube in its final position. Next thing to do is flare it, glue it in place and put some epoxy putty around the rib pass-through's.

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