May 25, 2009

The extra weekend holiday day gave me an opportunity to work on some stuff today. I set to task cleaning up the stabilizer spar fairing strips to match the spar. All the staples came out and then I trimmed off the extra material at the tips. To take off the material that hung over the edge, I started by trimming it close to the spar with the bandsaw, very carefully.

I had help holding the spar while making that cut. Sanding down the rest took a little time but the finished result is pretty good. It gets really skinny around the hinges but it looks like it will hold before it gets skinned as long as I'm careful with it. I'm also going to try to pre-shape the spar a bit before I assemble the stabilizer to make the float sanding a bit easier. I'll use the blueprints as a rough guide for that.

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