May 3, 2009

I actually had an afternoon to work this weekend so I glued on the triangular fairing strips to the stabilizer spar. In various spare moments, I've been fitting and trimming these things to get a good fit. I glued them on using staples to provide the clamping pressure. The lines on the spar were very helpful and I started stapling right around the hinge and went outboard to the tip, and then inboard to the middle of the spar, aligning with the pencil lines as I stapled.

I glued all the strips on with the hinges still fastened down and when I had both strips surrounding a hinge, I took the hinge off, cleaned underneath it to make sure they would still be flush and not stuck down at all, and then put them back on while the glue dried. I also tried to clean the squeeze out while I went along since it's easier before it dries.

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