February 17, 2009

Tonight, I finished off tracing all of the internal structure on both the outside and the inside of the upper and lower elevator trailing edge skins. To trace on the outside side of the skin, I marked of 2 dimensions (fore-aft, left-right) from 2 sides of each skin piece on the outside face. I lined those marks up on the other side of the elevator so the outside face was aligned with the structure as it should be, and then traced. Looking at the elevator edge on made it pretty obvious if I had it lined up right. It doesn't have to be perfect. If it's off a half a mm it won't matter. It's just a guide for stapling the skin down for gluing, just staple down the middle.

I also cut out the trim tab cable pass-through on the lower right-hand side skin. I looked at the measurements of the fairing that is placed over the hole and the blueprints to locate and size the cutout. It worked out very well but it's a tight fit. It can be enlarged later if it needs it. I still have to cut out the opening for the trim tab cable clamp access.

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