January 30, 2009

I worked on the little pieces of wood that connect the trailing edge strips and the aft midsection of the elevator. I took a guess on how to pre shape them based on the curves the covering plywood will have to take. First, I made the top part shaped like the first rib. and drew a taper from the thin top the the full thickness at the bottom on the inboard face of the piece.

Then I took the piece to a belt sander went to work. I tried to leave as much wood as possible on the outboard face and tapered the inboard face followed by rounding it out. I little finishing hand sanding and I have a shape that I think will work out well.

I had barely enough temps for gluing but it stayed warm enough for long enough. I used the rubber innertubes to provide lateral pressure and vertical pressure. When combined, it held the piece in place.

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