January 25, 2009

What we call winter here in California (people in Minnesota call it a nice spring day) is upon us finally. It's been pretty cold with some rain storms passing through. There seems to be no end in sight so I'm looking ahead a little bit to what I can do before I'll be able to glue on the elevator trailing edge skins. The first step of stabilizer assembly is installing the triangular tapered strips on the aft side of the main stab spar. I have 15x15 stock so I had to turn that into triangles. This worked out for me.

I was pretty careful running the wood through there, not letting it rise up or come off the fence. There wasn't much to push against at the end there, so I just turned the saw off before pushing the last inch or two through. It was extra material anyway.

I ended up with perfect 15x15mm triangular strips.

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