November 22, 2008

Here's the center trailing edge glued on there now. It really stiffens up the elevator in the center.

I thought I might as well check the trailing edge ribs now that the elevator spar should be pretty locked in. It appears that the float sanding I did before doesn't quite match up with where the spar ended up. Also, there's one spot where it just looks like the rib is pulled over and the trailing edge strip is bent.

It's the inboard 150 mm or so on the left side, involving the first rib there. I think it's too far off to just fix it with sanding and adding wood. I posed the question to the falco forum and it helped me think about the problem a lot. There were some good responses. It led me to check the alignment of the trailing edge ribs with the string, like before, to see where they ended up. It looks like the spar is a little twisted, only a couple mm over the 10 foot span. Not bad, but I do need to have the float sanding be right so I need to fix that one spot. The consensus seems to be that I need to cut that rib out, re-slope the angle of the rib at the base to make it sit right to make the alignment with the other ribs correct. We'll see how that works out.

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