November 4, 2008

The clamps have been released on the first skinning job. Things look pretty good. I'd love to say there are no lumps but that's not totally true. Since it's not a straight taper from the center of the spar to the edge, it takes a little turn around the station 1 leading edge rib. From there on, it's mostly lump free. A couple spots here and there but I'm guessing the fill/sand process will take care of that, hopefully. I don't really have any way to judge how I did on this. The space is enclosed so I can't see inside to judge the glue lines and I don't know how other people have done with keeping out the lumps, ie. how it will turn out after painting. I guess time will tell.

I also cut out the leading edge tip skin for the hinge opening. The tape served as a good guide for the first cut. After that I carefully fit and trimmed as necessary. Here's the fit. These are ready to be glued on now.

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