October 31, 2008

I installed all of the elevator channel nuts today. I made sure the nuts were all installed the same way they were when I aligned all the hinges and checked the fit of the aluminum hinges. I also drilled little pilot holes for the stainless steel screws that fasten the middle of the channel nuts down during the pre-fit. I had to gently drill some of the bolt holes in the spar because some epoxy had dried up in there. Before I permanenty slid the channel nuts on, I used a q-tip to swab some wet epoxy down in the holes. Then I slide in the bolts and screwed in the wood screws for all the channel nuts. Then, for each one, I just bathed the whole channel nut in epoxy and made sure the sides were all sealed with lots of epoxy to make sure moisture couldn't get underneath there. Here's the aftermath. Center first, left, then right.

Now that these are all installed, the elevator is ready for some skinning...finally. Here's a look left and right at the elevator trailing edge ribs with the channel nuts installed.

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