October 12, 2008

I have been thinking about how I was going to do this for a while but this is what I settled on. I used 1.5 inch inner diameter pvc pipe (almost 2 inch outer diameter) as the form to bend around. I figured it would be easier to unbend rather than bend so I used this diameter that is closer to the rib diameter at the outer ends of the skin. I found that the skin would bend around the 2 inch pipe and not fully extend down to the height of a 2x4 so I would be able to wrap the inner tube strips around the whole thing to clamp it down. I discovered that I had 2x4's long enough and supported at the bottom of the table that I made a while back. I flipped it over to make things a little easier. So after soaking for over 24 hours, here's the leading edge elevator skins pre-bent in the "jig" where I'll leave them for at least 24 hours.

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