October 8, 2008

So I've just been float sanding for the last couple days. The trailing edge ribs were going fine. The biggest pain in the butt was getting the spar to slope from the leading edge to the trailing edge. It's really easy to gouge into the ribs while you're trying to get some wood off the spar at the right angle. I think next time I'll try to sand the slope on the spar before attaching any ribs, then when the ribs are on, float sand everything then to final dimensions. There are a couple spots on the trailing edge ribs that I'll need to touch up with a little strip of spruce but I totally messed up the leading edge nose ribs. I took off way too much material and the continuing airfoil shape would not have been correct. I had to fix this so I tore off the leading edge ribs and smoothed out the surface to start over there.

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