September 21, 2008

Just got back from the annual West Coast Falco Fly-in today. I left from the bay area so I didn't have my camera with me. No pictures from me this year. It was a great experience though as usual. I flew with Doug Henson again in his yellow falco to the fly-in from the bay area to dallas. The trip took 12 hours with about 8.5 of flying time. Quite a long day starting with an IFR departure from Livermore at 5:30 in the morning. I got many hours of stick time and even squeezed in a decent landing at one of the fuel stops, with coaching from Doug of course.

The fly-in was great. Highlights for me were the Mooney factory tour, the Pacific War museum, the ride in Johnny's F.15, and of course all the beautiful Falco's. Jim and Jane Quinn put on a great fly-in with a great location and awesome dinners every night. I got rides in 4 different Falco's and even got some loggable flight training by Ray Hecker and Duane Root.

So now I've got a good dose of motivation and some time at home without traveling for a little bit. I think I'll keep building me a Falco. I had some time this afternoon to work on the elevator wing tip. I split the front and back of the laminated tip bow curve and notched it to fit with the end of the elevator. There are probably many ways to do this but I went with the brute force method. Rough cut the slots and then file, fit, file, fit... Gotta get the angles just right. Here's the fit. I'll do a rough shaping of the tip later.

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