August 3, 2008

I spent a long time this weekend jigging and aligning the trailing edge elevator ribs. I decided to go with the George Barrett method outlined on the Sequoia website. This way I can glue on all the ribs at once and it ensures the ribs on both sides of the centerline are all in the same plane. The trick is to make sure the vertical posts on either side of the spar have a surface that's aligned with the centerline and that they are exactly vertical. This way, when the string is clamped to the vertical post, it's coming off right on the centerline and extends along the centerline all the way to the other post.

Lots of careful sanding and all the ribs line up with the string centerline, sit perpendicular to the spar and the string rests equally on all the trailing edge 5 degree angles. The strings cross right in the middle of the spar and are just about as close to each other as they can be without touching. I'm happy with the alignment so all the time I spent checking, re-checking and double checking wasn't wasted. This is my first alignment like this so I'm trying not to rush myself and be extra careful. This next picture has the right hand station 1 rib missing but the next one has it.

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