June 1, 2008

I spent hours trying to get the middle hinges on the stabilizer spars lined up correctly. It was pretty tricky to be able to clamp and also to mark the bolt holes on the spar at the same time with the clamps that I have. Having the vertical and horizontal spars clamped together as well, complicates the matter. Once I finally had the holes marked, drilling was tricky with the spars still clamped together. I found a solution using some wood blocks to provide clearance for the clamps and I had to drill the holes as far as the bit would go, and then take apart the vertical and horizontal spars to finish the holes. When I finally got the channel nuts in there and bolted down the hinges, it was pretty cool when everything seemed lined up correctly with the hinges all attached again. Here's the end result with the elevator control arm.

Once the middle hinges are set, the outer hinges are pretty much where they are. I had things lined up pretty good so they ended up in a good spot. It was relatively easy then to finish off the outer hinges. Finally, something gets done! The rudder hinges should be a bit easier.

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