May 17, 2008

As you can see, I haven't had much time to work on the plane lately. I'm working on assignment at NASA Ames for a few months (near San Francisco) so I'm only home on the weekends. I've been flying a lot when I'm home, so building has been slow. Things will get better after another few weeks. I finally got a new elevator control arm so I got back to lining up the elevator hinges. I re-trammeled the main fin and stabilizer spars. This time I used tracing paper at the main fin spar pass through so I could line up the vertical center lines better. I also clamped on the new elevator control arm and set the trammeled spar combo down on the hinges and wiggled it up and down which looked cool. I didn't have time to drill any holes, so I'll do that hopefully next weekend.

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