April 6, 2008

After getting some zap-a-gap glue, I messed around with aligning the hinges and using the tape method to temporarily clamp the hinges to the spar. Then, I attached the stabilizer hinges with the hinge bolts. I wasn't quite sure how tight to make them but I have a long time to figure it out before I "permanently" install them.

I knew this was coming and I don't know why I didn't address this before but the elevator control arm I have is a little mangled where the bottom balance weight arm attaches. It came to me like that. I'm thinking about getting a new one, so I don't want to go align the hinges with the old one. I'll figure it out.

I also aligned the main fin spar with the main stabilizer spar. I used the trammel method to ensure that the spars were perpendicular to each other. I spent a long time getting it just right. I feel like it could be slightly important to have the fin perpendicular to the horizontal stabilizer...

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