April 3, 2008

I started drawing and cutting out some of the skins for the tail tonight. I need to get more plywood though, so I have to wait until I find the time for that. It turns out that Wicks has the 50" x 50" 1.2 mm plywood that I need. They just label it 4' x 4', but in the physical catalog it kinda alludes to the fact that it's 50" x 50". I ordered some of that but I need to pick up more 61" 1.5 mm sheets locally, so that will take some time. I drew and cut out what I could with what I had.

I also reamed the bronze bushings in the tail hinges to the 1/4" size for the hinge bolts that go through there. I used a square when I needed, to be sure that the hole was perpendicular to the hinge base.

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