March 3, 2008

Since I'm starting assembly now, I have a nice checklist to follow in the Sequoia construction manual. It's nice having one source for the majority of the information that I need to build from here. The first step is running through the prep of the tail parts. I started tonight with the main fin spar. Step 1, check. Step 2, check. Hey, this is easy...I can do this.

I've noticed in pictures on John Kahrs' website that he had to make a notch in the lower rudder hinge to allow for the tail light wires to pass through. It looks like I'll have to do the same thing. I couldn't move the hole through the spar down because there isn't wood to pass through lower than it already is. No big deal, I'll just drill through by beautiful hinge. This does show you though that even with a checklist to follow, some things will pop up and present challenges. You still have to be aware of the bigger picture, not just blindly follow the checklist.

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