March 1, 2008

Finally, after almost 3 years, I can start to assemble the airframe. I've delayed it as long as possible due mainly to space concerns. I still have space issues, with only a single car garage to build in, but I do have enough room to build the various pieces of the tail, as well as the aileron/flap assembly. We'll see where I am after that.

Before I do anything, I need to have a flat, level, and sturdy surface to build on. As time goes by, it seems the table I built isn't as flat as it once was. By a a lot closer to the center. The ends are much higher than the rest of the table. To make the a flat surface, I used a thread to indicate a flat plane from one end of the table to the other. I sized small shims to raise up the low surface to the flat plane. You can see how much the table was sagging in the middle. I also leveled across each support.

I'm using a solid core door for the table top this time. It should be a good flat sturdy surface that stays pretty rigid while I build. I ripped it down the middle and I'll tack glue everything down and biscuit joint the ends of the door together when I get a chance during the daytime. For now, here's the table top, temporarily placed on the structure.

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